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# Become a better golfer ! 

My Tour Sticks

Golf Training Aid - New Improved Design Set of 2 Orange Golf Alignment Sticks + Includes 2 Connectors | Single Size 38 inches. An Essential Multifunctional Golf Accessories for Your Golf Practice Sessions


★ BEST VALUE FOR MONEY ★ Alignment Golf Sticks. Set of 2 sticks made of ultra-resistant fiberglass, comes in a transparent plastic carrying tube. The improved design of My Tour Sticks (38" inches or 96.50 cm long) makes it more practical and manageable than the other longer models.

The most versatile golf training device. Suitable for golfers of any skill levels. That golf accessory and warm-up tool are designed to set a benchmark on your positioning during your putts, your swings and on many other key positions.


Putting - Swing - Tempo - Alignment and much more... You will be able to perfectly control your setup position. If you are looking for both economical and effective golf training tools, you've finally found it! Rather than taking expensive golf lessons, use My Tour Sticks to intuitively up your overall game.

Crossing Plug - Comes with 2 ingenious removable plastic "CONNECTORS" on the storage tube, double as 90-degree connector that make setting up a target line and ball position a breeze. Lightweight and portable, they will easily find their place in your golf bag.

Golf Training Aid

An essential multifunctional golf tool for your practice sessions. Become a Better Golf Player !

1. Unique Size

38 inches / 96.50 cm

2. Right-Angled Connectors

Easy to connect 2 sticks and create a 90 degree angle.

3. Pointed End

Designed with the pointed end to easily stick into the ground (take off the rubber protection to unveil the pointed side)

Alignment might be the most overlooked of all fundamentals in golf.

Without good alignment, even the best swing in the world can be wasted. In golf terms, alignment refers to the aim of both the club and your feet in the set-up position.

However, many golfers will spend hours working on the technique in their swing and not even give a second thought to making sure they are aimed properly.

By spending some time working on your alignment on the range (with the help of our alignment sticks), you can step into your shots on the course with confidence knowing you are set-up correctly and ready to fire.

A multi-functional training tool that is practical, lightweight and easy to handle. My Tour Sticks will help you set up your Body, your Balls, and your Club to practice perfect alignment for training with your driver, irons, wedges or your putter.


Helps to visualize proper alignment

Helps to improve swing plane / swing path / stance and distance

Train your aim and stroke

Practice draw and fade swings

Helps to increase and strengthen hip and shoulder turn

Improve your ball striking ability

Easy to slide in and out of the golf bag - Perfect Golf Gift Idea

An Essential Multifunctional Golf Tool

Set of 2 Orange Golf Alignment Sticks

In the world of golf training aids, these are rather basic and fundamental items, but they can make a world of difference in your golf game.

Beyond alignment, these sticks can be used in dozens of ways to help you improve your golf game. this particular aid is more cost-effective than lessons and makes practicing more productive.

These training aids will refine your golf game – no matter what your age or skill levels You can work out your Swing Plane, Alignment, Address position, Chipping, Putting and MUCH MORE!

Training Plan:



Ball Position

Swing Plane

Putting Drills

Target Markers

Why choose My Tour Sticks?

The Golf 4 You alignment sticks are an exceptional golf training aid, with your purchase, you will get two rods with 2 CONNECTORS designed to create a perfect right 90° angle relationship between the sticks.


►Bright color to enhance golf training

►With their unique size and lightweight, they are very convenient and can be carried easily.

►They can be used at the driving range, at the practice green, in the backyard, garden or even at the office!

My Tour Sticks is an invaluable addition to every Golfer's Practice Routine

Practicing Basic Alignment

► Place 2 sticks on the ground, parallel to each other. Leave a gap of (2 - 3 feet / 60 - 90 cm) between each other.
► Your body (feet, hips and shoulders) should be positioned parallel to the target line.
► Now lay the ball in the middle of both sticks and hit a few shots.

Take a look closely at the divots as you may miss the target even if your alignment is correct.

If this happens, it might be an inside-out or outside-in Golf Swing.

Improving your Takeaway

► Place 1 alignment stick at the same angle of the shaft, just inside the club.
► Place the other stick on the ground, parallel to the target line, your body should be also positioned parallel to the target line.

Start working the takeaway where we keep the clubhead outside the hands. This is going to set the swing up nicely and keep the club balanced for the rest of the swing. If the clubhead whips inside the hands, you are in too much of a deep position and you will tend to find your arms will lift in the swing.

Hitting the Ball Straight

► Insert 2 golf sticks vertically on the ground (10 - 15 inches / 25 - 38 cm) away from each other.
► Aim the sticks at the intended target on a slight angle facing away from you.

Now stand (10 feet - 3 meters) away from the alignment sticks and try to hit a field goal.

This drill is used to ensure that the player is starting the ball on the intended target line.


Finding your Swing Plane

► Insert 2 golf sticks, (6 - 8 feet / 1.5 - 2.5 meters) apart, in the ground.
► Incline the sticks on an angle consistent with the angle of your club shaft at set-up.
► Now swing your golf club.

You will now have a distinct point within your peripheral vision of where you want the club to be set at the halfway point of the backswing. Hitting the sticks with either the takeaway or follow through will be an indication that you are moving the club excessively from in to out or out to in.

We are confident that "My Tour Sticks" will be the best performing training aid you've ever used and help you achieve the results you desire.

Invest in your Golf Game today with a TOUR-PROVEN practice method and start shooting lower scores for years to come!


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