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# The best swing training aid that every golfer should use !

Golf Swing Training Aid

The Swing Guide is designed to add distance and accuracy by improving your swing plane, swing tempo, club face alignment, and follow through.

Promotes the proper wrist hinge at the top of the backswing, and a powerful lag position on the downswing. By setting the correct position of the backswing it allows you to get a feel for what the prefect swing is. It can be used whilst hitting balls at practice, at the driving range, in the backyard, at home … Use this tool until it becomes natural.

Correct your face alignment through your golf swing to reduce problems with slicing and hooking of the golf ball which leads to greater distance, better accuracy and most importantly lower your scores!


By correcting the form of your backswing, it will increase your distance. Yes the pros swing very hard, but that's not the only thing that makes their drives go upwards of 340 yards. They are on the correct path all the way through. The correct swing pattern will allow you to hit your balls further.


Very easy to use - Attach the clip to the shaft of your golf club on one end and let the built-in rest to fit against your left forearm (for right handed). Performance for all ! The Swing Guide is suitable for golfers of all levels, beginners, social golfers, professionals golfers, right and left handed, for men, women and junior golfers.

Improve Your Swing Mechanics

This is the most simple yet most effective golf training aid

The cradle-shaped end is automatically wedged on your forearm during the Key positions of the SWING, giving you valuable information on the possible corrections of your swing plane and the angle face of the golf club.

The Swing Guide will ensure that you are swinging the golf club properly, allowing you to maintain consistency throughout the Swing. It is a cost-effective way to build good muscle memory. It can be used for warm-up, without the ball, or by hitting the ball at the driving range.

A Golf Training Aid that meets the needs of both beginners and experienced golfers

With the Swing Guide, everyone from complete beginners to low-handicappers will learn an effective way to correct their wrist hinging, coordinate their hands and arms, and correct bad habits of the club handling. This will help you to consistently hit better shots and correct your slices, hooks, thin and fat shots while improving your accuracy.

For more experienced golf players, it improves the understanding of the correct club positions, to avoid the hands to release too early in the downswing and to reinforce muscle memory of the proper swing plane.

We recommend using the Swing Guide with an 8 or 9 Iron at first, and making practice swings until you get comfortable connecting with the golf tool correctly in the backswing and follow-through.


A Better Golf Swing is Easier than Ever with the Swing Guide !

The Swing Guide is a lightweight golf training and warm-up tool designed to help you create the correct swing positions and adjust your wrists during swing stages. It attaches easily to the golf club shaft, at the edge of the grip and acts as a guide, automatically coming to the forearm when the player reaches the top of the backswing and at the finish position.

More practice is the only way to improve your game

Practice is one very essential part of golf; there is no way around it. Heading to the driving range to shoot balls is a good start but in order to improve your swing, you need to have a practice plan. Regular practice will improve golf swing technique and help you gain mastery of your overall swing

The Importance of Wrist Angles

The definition of a good swing is simply one that can control the club face. The golf swing really does not have to have a certain appearance in order to function - it simply needs a predictable face to path relationship. And the wrist angles are vital in managing this relationship.

Maximizes distance and accuracy

Optimum ball flight and control

Correct clubface alignment

Improves grip and width of arc

Check completion of backswing

Correct start of downswing

Improves impact position

Improves follow through on plane

The signature position of the Swing Guide is at the TOP of the Backswing

It allows you to feel the Correct Positions. If you are trying to shorten your Backswing, the feedback will help instantly !

At Address - The Swing Guide must be positioned directly on top of the shaft, in line with your shoulder.

During the Takeaway with shoulder turn and arm straight, your club must becomes parallel to the ground (your clubface is square if the Swing Guide points towards the sky)

At Top of Backswing - The Swing Guide must come to rest on forearm (which provides you the feedback to get that done correctly)

On the Downswing - This device encourages keeping the wrists in a powerful lag position, without leaking power by casting or throwing the hands away from the body.

At Impact - The Swing Guide is again on top of the shaft as the ball is struck with a square club face, aligned with your arm and wrist.

After Impact - You will be shown the correct radial deviation of the wrist which will make sure you extend out towards the target achieving good weight transfer and balance.

You should finish in a relaxed position, facing the target, with the club shaft between your head and shoulder (The Swing Guide must come to rest on your forearm).

A great Golf gift for any golfers !

This tool will quickly become a must-have in your golf bag !


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