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# Practice like a pro !

True Roll Putting Ball

Pack of 3 Golf Practice Putting Balls - Putting Alignment Improvement Accessories. Teaches You to get The Ball Rolling on The Intended Line.


Improve your ball speed and control with these NEW Golf Balls designed to learn how to analyze and perfect your putting game.


PUTT LIKE A TRAIN - The "True Roll Putting Ball" will help you to understand and see how your putt rolls. Clear feedback after stroking the ball. Perfect for train or warm up on the putting green, at home or just before your round of golf.


These putting golf balls demonstrate how easy it is to misalign the ball's path to hole. The color pattern does show how well the golf balls rolls, while allowing many options for spin and distance control. Good visual training device.

Very effective golf practice device to improve your short game. These ingenious golf balls will be a great addition to many other training-aids like putting mirror, golf sticks, putting mat, putting cup and will largely account for your overall game improvement.

More than 40% of a player's shots in a round will be putts

Putting is a hugely important part of golf, accounting for around 40 % of the shots taken in an average round. You use it either to make a good shot or limit the damage.
Some golfers often forget the importance of this particular shot and prefer training on the driving range and focus on the GOLF SWING.
Working on a really solid routine WILL lower your putts per round. By knowing that you’ve prepared for every putt as best you can, will definitely increase confidence and you’ll be surprised at how many more putts you hole.

A True Golf Quote: Driver is SHOW, Putting is MONEY!

  • Driver
  • Wedge
  • Irons
  • Putter

THE PUTTING - A technical move that requires rigor and precision

The way your ball rolls on the green is the crucial element to achieve the perfect putt. Each shot with the True Roll Putting Ball gives you valuable feedback on your putting game

PRACTICE LIKE THE PROS - If you'd like to improve your golf game but don't have a lot of time, with the True Roll Putting Balls, you've got you covered !

These Golf balls are great to see the roll you put on the ball when putting, they give you instant feedback and allow you to work on your stroke to get it more consistant. Few series of putts will help you get the absolute most out of every session on the green so you can get the most out of your game.

It is the only training aid that allows golfers to test their 4 key aspects of putting (Green reading, Aiming, Speed and Stroke). A great golf gift idea !

INFO: These Golf Balls are designed for Training ONLY and are not intended to be used intensively on a golf course, which could erase their coating and damage them.



Improve your Putting game

Almost every putt bounces some distance after contact. The more your ball bounce, the more speed it loses. (This is often impossible to see in real time with standard balls, but with the True Roll Putting Ball, you got more visibility to train on it) If you find your putts are bouncing a lot, check these two factors :

There are two primary - and opposite - causes of bouncing putts :
  • Hitting the ball with a descending blow, or striking it with too much loft. The first motion pushes the ball into the turf, making it rebound upward.
  • The second lifts the ball off the green by a tiny, but meaningful, amount.

More than a simple Golf Balls !

When the face angle is square to the path at impact:

Maximum force applied to ball

Minimum skid - maximum roll

No side spin on ball

Best distance control

Best directionnal control

Solid feeling putt

Best consistency

Golf Practice Putting Balls

Assess and perfect your putting game at glance during your training session!


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